e.SCCAN | Tobacco Cessation Services in Europe


The aim of European Smoking Cessation Clinic Assessment and Networking project (e.SCCAN) 2010 -2011 is to identify, assess and improve the medical and health centers in the 27 members of the EC.

Smoking cessation is a health priority in Europe, as tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in our countries Everybody is able to stop smoking alone, or with the help of a nurse or a general practitioners, but it is important than referral centers may treat the most difficult cases and ensure dissemination of good practices for stopping smoking among other health professionals..

The tobacco cessation clinics organization and working methods are pretty different from a country to another, which makes the situation heterogeneous in Europe. In particular, definitions as well as practices are often different.

The French NGO: OFT, headed by Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg who has been following for 10 years tobacco cessation clinics in France has been suggesting this European initiative.

This initiative has quickly achieved a good feedback from other partners of European countries, as you may notice while exploring this website.

An unrestricted grant from Pfizer Europe is supporting the project, but the company has no input in the content of the project.